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Pollock Clinics – Vancouver

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Last year alone, hundreds of BC Doctors referred more than 2000 infants for circumcision to Dr. Neil Pollock.

The method used is virtually painless and virtually bloodless

  • It takes about 30 seconds to complete
  • Dr Pollock has performed over 30,000 circumcisions
  • Complication rates are extremely low

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Dr. Pollock has pioneered a 30 second virtually painless technique that has changed the standard of care in British Columbia. He personally performs over 2/3rds of all circumcisions in the entire Vancouver Lower Mainland. Hundreds of doctors throughout British Columbia choose to refer their patients only to him, because of his extensive experience and commitment to the highest quality of patient care.

You may notice other local websites, desperately attempting to emulate Dr. Pollock both in name of website and content. Please be clear when researching your son’s circumcision, that the techniques for providing this surgery are only as safe as the operating physician’s experience. Without significant experience, any surgical instrument or clamp device used to carry out your son’s circumcision is potentially dangerous.
Each year, there are over a million circumcisions performed in North America. Newborn circumcision when performed properly, is quick and safe. Some studies show that it may produce small benefits. These medical benefits accrue from infancy through old age. Parents should also be aware that there are physicians who question the significance of these medical benefits, as well as the practice of circumcision.

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