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Burial Services

Organizations that help facilitate the burial process by helping with the completion of last rights such as the washing of the deceased, performing the janaza, purchasing a burial plot and lastly burying your loved ones.

Circumcision Services

Circumcision of all Muslims males is in adherence with the sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). However, it's often hard to find surgeons who perform this procedure given that it is under attack from secular groups.


Counselling services offered by professional counsellors within the Muslim community. When working with someone to overcome personal issues it's best to work someone who is not only qualified but understanding of one cultures, traditions and religious understanding.

Cultural / Ethnic Services

Organizations providing services and hosting events targeted towards a specific ethnic or cultural group within our community.


Muslim run media companies/organizations

Religious Services

General religious services ranging from providing prayer spaces to moon sighting committees

Youth Outreach

Organizations providing services directed towards the needs of young Muslims