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Guildford Musullah

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The necessity of establishing a worship Place in Guilford was felt in June 2008, and with the sincere efforts of a few brothers, a place was in Guilford Library to cater for brothers to attend Juma prayers. It was realized that a permanent place was required to have daily prayers establish in the area.Due to increase of members in October 2008 one of the brothers kindly vacated his office situated upstairs at 209-10222 152 Street Surrey and also generously contributed toward the rent. May Allah (SWT) reward him for his generosity. A musallah was established. By the will of ALLAH (SWT) the community kept growing in Guildford.In the month of Ramadhan last year it was realized that we needed to move to a bigger location. As there were many brothers attending tarweeh prayers at the musallah and it was felt that it is becoming hard to accommodate the community in Salaat ul Juma (Friday Prayers) in existing Musallah. A few brothers took an initiative and started search for place with adequate space to accommodate the increasing community.Guildford Islamic Cultural Center (GICC) was formed and registered. The objective of GICC was acquiring a place of worship of our own. After going through many properties around the area we were not able to get what we were looking for. In the meantime there was an urgent need for the Musallah to move, as by earlier this year we were not able to accommodate for brothers coming for Juma. However this property at 101 15290 103A Avenue was up for lease and after Mashwara it was decided to lease the building. The musallah was shifted in March 2014, to new Location at 101-15290 103 A Ave Surrey BC. GICC management has still a task to meet with the regular payment of monthly rent, allied expense and above all renovation cost which is mandatory to make it workable.

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