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BCMA Kelowna

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The Kelowna Mosque As-salaam is located on 1120 Highway 33 N. The organization currently provides the following services:

  • Five daily prayers, Jumma (Friday) prayers, Taraweeh prayers, Eid prayers, and Janaza (Funeral) prayers
  • Two Arabic classes, one for children on sundays 11AM-12:30PM and the other for adults on thursdays 7PM-8:30PM
  • Dawah (Outreach) programs for new and non-Muslims
  • Distribution of Zakah and Fitrah
  • Burial Services

Services Provided


  • Install Halal Monitoring and Certification Process throughout BC.
  • Establish Hilal Watch groups throughout BC.
  • Develop and Execute Islamic Educational and Daawa Programs.
  • Clarify and establish the new roles and responsibilities of our Imams and Marriage officers.
  • Work towards unity of all Muslims in BC.


  • Review and strengthen existing school programs and academic innovations.
  • Improve remuneration package to attract and retain good teachers.
  • Foster parental involvement to maintain a high level of confidence in our schools and increase enrollment.
  • Streamline and improve current registration and school planning processes.
  • Establish guidelines to promote transparency and accountability among all stakeholders.
  • Promote community awareness and involvement in our schools.


  • Negotiate and secure as many burial plots as available at all locations, especially at the Vedder View Cemeteries.
  • Train a fully licensed Muslim funeral director in accordance with BPCPA guidelines and legislation under The Funeral Services Act of Canada.
  • Document both the legal and Islamic requirements and train others at key locations to conduct the burial services.
  • Review proposal to partner with Vedder View Cemetery to develop the cemetery to obtain additional 15,000 burial plots.
  • Study the feasibility to construct a fully operational funeral home to decrease ongoing funeral cost.
  • Establish a toll free number for reporting all deaths and inquires about burial services.


  • Investigate, plan and arrange for seniors’ Assisted Living facilities.
  • Organize seniors get together for teas/lunches/field trips.
  • Arrange a walkathon to raise funds for food bank and meals for homeless and needy.
  • Initiate feasibility of blood donor clinics at each Masajid.
  • Investigate provision for foster homes, women’s shelter, pre-schools and other welfare support services.
  • Establish Scholarship Programs and organize with City Halls to recognize Muslim Festivals.
  • Establish Half Hour programs on Islamic based Broadcast through Local TV and/or Radio stations


  • Formulate guidelines and policies for Youth Group at each Branch/Chapter for common good.
  • Develop a program of events and activities with focus on Islamic values and leadership training.
  • Conduct yearly Muslim Youth Convention inclusive of all Youth groups from Universities/ Colleges and other Muslim Associations.
  • Facilitate the establishment of Muslim Youth Club at all High Schools and Colleges to facilitate mentor programs.
  • Cooperate and interact with National and International Youth Groups to strengthen brotherhood for the future.


  • “DAWA THROUGH SPORTS AND RECREATION” Promote healthy Sports activities through each Masajid by Organizing 3 or 4 multi-sports Tournaments per year.
  • Establish an Annual Sports and Recreation Day in conjunction with other Provinces to establish new relationships.
  • Organize Summer Picnics and Annual Family Dinner Cruise.
  • Organize Monthly Family and Senior’s Recreational Programs (i.e. Field Trips, Nature Explorers, and Salmon Bon Voyage etc).
  • Initiate Ongoing Sports Leagues for our Youth in order to foster stronger brotherhood.

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