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BC Muslim Association

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The B.C. Muslim Association (BCMA) is a non-profit organization incorporated under the Societies Act on November 17, 1966 corresponding to 4 Sha-ban 1386.

The BCMA is currently the largest Muslim organization in the province representing 75,000 to 80,000 Sunni Muslims. The Muslims in British Columbia are experiencing exponential growth, from a population of 10,000 in 1980 to 75,000+ today. In 1980, there was only one location for Friday prayers in all of Vancouver and its surrounding suburbs. Today there are over fifteen locations for Friday prayers in the Greater Vancouver area alone, not including centers in the outlying areas such as Kelowna, Nanaimo, Abbotsford, Prince George and Victoria.

British Columbia like many other communities in North America brings together Muslims from all over the world. Our Muslims are the first and second generation immigrants from Africa, Arab countries, Asia, Bosnia, Fiji, India, Pakistan, Turkey. Globally this is a unique situation as no other location in the world brings together such a diverse group of Muslims.

The BCMA has been active in establishing a Muslim institutional presence in British Columbia. The Association has long recognized that the Mosque/Islamic Centre and Muslim Schools are the symbol of the aims and purposes of Muslims collective life.

The BCMA with its seven regional branches and six chapters has undertaken the responsibility of developing and maintaining religious, cultural and educational facilities for our present community and future generations.

Today, BCMA owns and operates eight Mosques in British Columbia and more are planned. The Association has long recognized that the Mosque/Islamic Centre and Muslim Schools are the symbol of the aims and purposes of Muslims collective life.

The BCMA operates the B.C. Muslim School (BCMA) Richmond and Surrey Muslim School encompassing an elementary and secondary school. The purpose of the Muslim Schools is to provide a superior standard of education, to foster academic achievement, and to cultivate an Islamic spirit in each student.

The BCMA motto is Perseverance, Excellence, Commitment and Knowledge. On a daily basis, The BCMA strives to instil in its students these virtues. The school expects of its pupils high standards of academic achievement, commitment and integrity combined with respect, self-discipline and code-of-conduct based on Islamic teachings.

The BCMA meets and surpasses all curriculum requirements set by the Ministry of Education and as such is accredited and receives full funding pursuant to the Independent Schools Act from the provincial government. The Ministry of Education has also approved Arabic to be taught as a second language at the B.C. Muslim Schools.

Services Provided


  • Promote effective fundraising initiatives to reduce debts against all our Masajid until it is cleared.
  • Focus on acquiring school facilities which can fulfill both elementary and high school needs along with multi purpose halls and sports facilities
  • Investigate provision for seniors’ home, foster homes, women’s shelter and pre-schools.
  • Conduct a survey of the Muslim demographics and establish neighborhood multi purpose Islamic Centers rather than large Masajid.
  • Initiate discussion on revenue generating business ventures in order to become self-supporting.


  • Install Halal Monitoring and Certification Process throughout BC.
  • Establish Hilal Watch groups throughout BC.
  • Develop and Execute Islamic Educational and Daawa Programs.
  • Clarify and establish the new roles and responsibilities of our Imams and Marriage officers.
  • Work towards unity of all Muslims in BC.


  • Review and strengthen existing school programs and academic innovations.
  • Improve remuneration package to attract and retain good teachers.
  • Foster parental involvement to maintain a high level of confidence in our schools and increase enrollment.
  • Streamline and improve current registration and school planning processes.
  • Establish guidelines to promote transparency and accountability among all stakeholders.
  • Promote community awareness and involvement in our schools.


  • Negotiate and secure as many burial plots as available at all locations, especially at the Vedder View Cemeteries.
  • Train a fully licensed Muslim funeral director in accordance with BPCPA guidelines and legislation under The Funeral Services Act of Canada.
  • Document both the legal and Islamic requirements and train others at key locations to conduct the burial services.
  • Review proposal to partner with Vedder View Cemetery to develop the cemetery to obtain additional 15,000 burial plots.
  • Study the feasibility to construct a fully operational funeral home to decrease ongoing funeral cost.
  • Establish a toll free number for reporting all deaths and inquires about burial services.


  • Investigate, plan and arrange for seniors’ Assisted Living facilities.
  • Organize seniors get together for teas/lunches/field trips.
  • Arrange a walkathon to raise funds for food bank and meals for homeless and needy.
  • Initiate feasibility of blood donor clinics at each Masajid.
  • Investigate provision for foster homes, women’s shelter, pre-schools and other welfare support services.
  • Establish Scholarship Programs and organize with City Halls to recognize Muslim Festivals.
  • Establish Half Hour programs on Islamic based Broadcast through Local TV and/or Radio stations


  • PUBLIC RELATIONS: Strengthen our relationship with all Muslim Organizations locally, nationally and internationally to foster common goals.
  • Enhance the image of our Association by initiating open dialogue and communication with all levels of Government.
  • MEDIA: Establish Media watch on matters that affects or may be of interest to and beneficial to Islam.
  • Redesign and promote the use of our website for effective communication with our members and public.
  • PUBLICATIONS: Publish quarterly news letters and annual Eid magazines.
  • Provide regular articles and updates to the local Muslim news publications as our means of transmitting information to public


  • Formulate guidelines and policies for Youth Group at each Branch/Chapter for common good.
  • Develop a program of events and activities with focus on Islamic values and leadership training.
  • Conduct yearly Muslim Youth Convention inclusive of all Youth groups from Universities/ Colleges and other Muslim Associations.
  • Facilitate the establishment of Muslim Youth Club at all High Schools and Colleges to facilitate mentor programs.
  • Cooperate and interact with National and International Youth Groups to strengthen brotherhood for the future.


  • “DAWA THROUGH SPORTS AND RECREATION” Promote healthy Sports activities through each Masajid by Organizing 3 or 4 multi-sports Tournaments per year.
  • Establish an Annual Sports and Recreation Day in conjunction with other Provinces to establish new relationships.
  • Organize Summer Picnics and Annual Family Dinner Cruise.
  • Organize Monthly Family and Senior’s Recreational Programs (i.e. Field Trips, Nature Explorers, and Salmon Bon Voyage etc).
  • Initiate Ongoing Sports Leagues for our Youth in order to foster stronger brotherhood.


  • Develop effective plan with local Management Committees to reduce debts against all Masajid including personal loan obligations.
  • Develop methodology to track all pledges at all fund-raising functions to ensure collections.
  • Implement financial controls to mitigate all risks identified through the Audit process.
  • Develop process and procedures to streamline the ongoing financial management of BCMA in general.
  • Adopt and implement a common accounting software package in order to standardize the monthly / quarterly and yearly financial reporting.


  • Establish centralized “Document Management” system to safeguard the security of BCMA intellectual capital…
  • Develop the Operations Manual in relation to the new Constitution to enable adherence to the requirements.
  • Establish a standard for minute taking and reporting.
  • Provide quarterly progress summary report for all branches and chapters.
  • Establish technical infrastructure for internet and conference calls to enable effective communications with all locations.


  • Distribute ‘trust’ assignment of each property amongst the elected Trustees.
  • Establish base inventory of all movable and immovable assets at each location.
  • Implement privacy and security guidelines of the Association at each location.
  • Ensure all pledges made at all fundraising functions are followed through and collected for the benefit of the local Branch and Chapter.
  • Investigate revenue generating business ventures in order to make BCMA become self-supporting


Establish the following committees to provide focus on specific and unique requirements of the BCMA:


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  • Email
  • Fax Number (604) 244-9750
  • Burial/Funeral Services Available Cemeteries

    Ocean View
    4000 Imperial Street, Burnaby

    Victory Memorial Park
    2977 King George Hwy, Surrey

    Vedder View Gardens
    44675 Watson Road, Chilliwack

    Email Address:
    Phone Number: 604-270-2522
    Fax Number: 604-244-9750

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