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Dar Al-Madinah Islamic Society

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Dar al-Madinah Islamic Society has been actively giving Da’wah from 1994. Our mission is to educate our fellow Muslim brothers/sisters about the message of our Prophet, may Allah praise him.

Our goals are to:

  • To spread correct Islamic knowledge, based on the Qur’an and the authentic Sunnah of the Prophet (SAW) and as understood and practiced by our pious predecessors and their followers.
  • To participate in the Da’wah activities in the greater Vancouver area among the Muslim community, with emphasis being placed on spreading and teaching correct Islamic beliefs and practices.
  • To help educate and train strong knowledgeable individuals who will work in the community in the field of Da’wah, while setting a good example for others in their beliefs and practices.
  • To share Islam with non-Muslims by initiating effective Da’wah programs, aiming at providing accurate information about Islam in an effective and interesting way.
  • To familiarize Muslims with reliable and authentic sources of Islamic knowledge, and to link Muslims up with Muslim scholars throughout the world.
  • To strengthen the Islamic brotherhood bonds between the Muslims in the community.

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