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Al-Madinah Academy

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The Academy’s goal is to strengthen and empower the future generations of this Ummah with authentic Islamic knowledge, fostering a correct understanding of Islam and a sense of pride in the Muslim identity.

This website is supervised by Sheikh Younus Kathrada.

Sheikh Younus Kathrada is a graduate of the Islamic University of Madinah in Saudi Arabia. He has been involved in grassroots da’wah with the Muslim community of Canada, and of BC in particular, for the last 15 years. He has presented many topics on Islaam at Universities in BC and Alberta for Islaam Awareness Week, and also presents “Introduction to Islam” courses for high school and middle school students. He is currently (acting) Imam at the Mosque in Victoria (Masjid al-Iman) and was previously Imam of an Islaamic centre in Vancouver. He is also the founder and teacher of al Madinah Academy in Victoria, B.C.



  • To spread Islamic knowledge from authentic sources as understood and practiced by the earliest and best generations (the Sahaabah and those who followed in their footsteps)
  • To participate in the Da’wa activities in the Victoria area among the Muslim community, with emphasis being placed on spreading and teaching correct Islamic beliefs and practices.
  • To help educate and train strong knowledgeable individuals who will work in the community in the field of Da’wa, while setting a good example for others in their beliefs and practices.
  • To share Islaam with non-Muslims by initiating effective Da’wa programs, aiming at providing accurate information about Islaam in an effective and interesting way.
  • To educate Muslims and empower them with reliable and authentic Islaamic knowledge so as to assist them in regaining their Islaamic identity
  • To strengthen the Islaamic brotherhood bonds between the Muslims in the community.
  •  To be actively involved in social activities within the community.

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  1. Salaam

    Does your Academy give any lessons or lectures on Islam and the Quran for adults or older retired people or is it mostly for young people. Thank you for your reply.

    Barbara “Farida”.

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